Description About Prime Video


Amazon prime video and Netflix is the largest movie tv-series Chanel in this world if we compare both the application then we find amazon prime video is larger in comparison to Netflix because the prime video is more popular worldwide in compare to Netflix both are popular for online video plus movies. In this blog, I will tell about different features and about different videos both of them. Amazon and Netflix is the best collection of movie data plus web series which is a new in-demand user very much interested in watching series in comparison to the movie.

I decided now it is probably a good time to now make review Feedback about iPhone from my own personal experiences so I know many user users who use android phone to describe all that tech in three major category

  1. Interface: I looking interface in that all which is very similar on tv, android phone, tablet, and tv so my focus on this blog is about the mobile application.
  2. Content library: In that, we see how much big content, how much they are growing, quality of the video, with respect to time basis.
  3. Price: the price is playing a very important factor if we are going to compare between Amazon and Netflix.

If we are going to discuss Netflix and amazon then these two are very similar to Interface, content but not similar to price-wise.

Something I like most about both that one is a tv series which is very interesting and larger in time in comparison to the movie. Netflix content is less interesting according to me if we compare it to Amazon.

Some interesting thing about amazon it is open on one prime original in that video series are place sequence wise in that you can download the video.

One more thing about Amazon is which is very cool interesting that one is x-ray features which are shown on the corner of the video application in that all the thing is design category wise like scenes, cast, bonus content, character description are available.

Amazon has also given a category wise features about to listen to particular movie songs and about full description of the movie. 

If we are talking about the scene then in that you can watch the video scene which is cast by particular person wise. In that, you can know about the particular profile about the scene which is performed by particular characters. In the iPhone, you can rate the application very easily in comparison to easy.

In that, you know about different profiles of actors, actresses and about a particular character.

So go and activate prime video subscription and enjoy hurry up. In that, you can pay payment with the help of net banking, debit, credit or by using amazon pay balance.