Activate & Watch Akshay Kumar’s Dengerous Act With Amazon Prime Video

Activate Watch Akshay Kumar’s Dengerous Act With Amazon Prime Video

From the some of news agency source ar e arriving that Akshay Kumar (Khiladi) has done a very amazing and dangerous act he did a ramp walked which was not easy for anyone if you will watch this then you will say that Oh! My God.

But During this ramp walk was giving a healthy smile to everyone who was looking him at that time as well this ramp walk event had been organized in the dream city Mumbai so many people say about Akshay Kumar my the name of Khiladi and here Mr. Khiladi proved it this act was breath stoppable because when he was walking on the ramp his entire body was cover from burning fire at that time every eye were looking and getting scared that what Akshay Kumar was doing in the event in Mumbai.

Befor start the event some organizer said to Akshay this is very riscy you can denyed it but Akshay says that please don’t worry i will do it because I have to show the every one who are around me Nothing is impossible in my dicstionary this act was picked from movie Kesari which produced and act by Akashay kumar you can find and watch this act from Amazon Prime Video app here you will find and watch all scane after sometime people asked to Akshay Kumar then he said that there is no any doubt that it was very risky act but sometime you have to show the people that you are able to get what you want and apart from that Akshay Kumar Instruct to children “ Don’t try to do this act anywhere becaue you could loss your life which more important than this” he said that his wife Twinkle Khanna become very angry after knowing about it he did not want to heart her Akshay Kumar convinsed her by saying that it was very safe for me because i trained by some good professionals and he prcaticed it at so many even all safty equipment was so there when people asked to Akshay Kumar about his life style then he told them that his life style is very simple and health consious. Amazon Prime Video has signed so many other movies on its video streaming platform you can find all by login here Amazon Prime and Akshay Kumar gonna of deciding a conversation they can plan for their next upcoming steps so be ready to watch that conversation we will interact with this conversation.